The Hunger Games:
The Exhibition

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition in Las Vegas is the newest immersive experience based on the blockbuster film franchise, The Hunger Games, which grossed over $3 billion at the global box office. Originally a touring exhibition that visited New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Louisville, and Australia, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition now makes its home in Las Vegas at the world-famous MGM Grand, with brand new and exclusive additions, including a Guinness World Record setting archery experience. The attraction offers an immersive look into Katniss Everdeen’s heroic journey from District 12 to becoming the Mockingjay and leader of the rebellion against the Capitol.

Open daily, this family-friendly exhibition allows visitors to see the world of the movies, including galleries that display District 13, the Hall of Justice, President Snow’s Office, and the Tribute train. For those seeking to sharpen their Mockingjay skills, an archery training experience nestled inside an interactive digital training lab offers guests the opportunity to train like Katniss in a thrilling, immersive attraction.


Only At MGM Grand

With astonishing costumes, props from the films, and sets inspired by the films, guests can explore Panem through multiple hands-on, interactive experiences, while also delving into the stories behind the films with behind-the-scenes content revealing the technology that turned the global phenomenon into the stunning, cinematic visuals.

Brought to you by the creators of popular and critically-acclaimed interactive fan experiences like Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., Transformers Autobots Alliance, and Universal Studio’s Jurassic World – The Exhibition, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition utilizes state-of-the-art technology that’s unique to The Strip, allowing all ages to experience the world of the films.

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Immerse Yourself in the World of Panem

Join the Rebellion and immerse yourself in the thrilling World of The Hunger Games with The Hunger Games: The Exhibition in Las Vegas. Take a one-of-a-kind, self-guided tour through iconic scenes that you remember and love from The Hunger Games films. Whether you’re looking for some behind-the-scenes info from the making of the films or looking to immerse yourself in this exciting world, you’ve come to the right place. The Hunger Games: The Exhibition includes a full range of immersive, family-friendly experiences to interact with the world of Panem. Discover how you can take part in this excellent exhibition by interacting with these exhibits:

  • Beetee’s Archery Training: One of the highlights of the exhibition is a record-breaking interactive experience. Step into the shoes of Katniss and train in a fully immersive archery experience. This archery training experience uses a Guinness Book of World Records record-holding touchscreen. As the world’s largest interactive touchscreen, this innovative exhibit allows you to aim a bow and arrow at the screen as you train to become an expert archer like Katniss. At 56.24 meters, this breathtaking screen is a remarkable achievement and allows you to feel like you are a part of the world.
  • Capitol TV Trivia: Test your trivia with none other than Caesar Flickerman. This fun-filled experience uses motion-tracking technology and the iconic character of Caesar to test your knowledge of the world of Panem. Play with your friends and family to discover who knows the most about The Hunger Games
  • Mockingjay Echo: Sing with the Mockingjays and enjoy a unique musical experience. Send signals through the forest as the Mockingjays repeat your tones and send your message out for all to hear. Sing the iconic message used by Katniss and Rue, or create your own messages.

An interactive map of Panem, the Gamemakers control table, and other exhibits also offer immersive ways to celebrate the films and learn more about the world of Panem. Fans of the story and first-time visitors alike will love the immersive experiences that bring the films to life.

Unlike other exhibits, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is all about interacting with this exciting world. Don’t just read about Panem – see the unbelievable costumes, experience fun-filled activities, and step into an exhibition full of color that transports you to the world of the films.


Fun For The Entire Family

This family-friendly exhibit is fun for the entire family, with additional interactives that highlight the world of Panem and behind the scenes from the movies:

Panem Supply Company retail shop sells exclusive and collectible items

Interactive map of Panem

Gamemaker’s control table

Inspire the rebellion by crafting your own rebellion propaganda commercial

Stuntman choreography exhibit

Go Ahead and Explore

For an up-close look at some of the most memorable scenes and costumes that made the films so vivid, embark on a self-guided tour to view set designs inspired by the film and iconic, original costumes. Look for these sets and a range of props for a one-of-a-kind look into the world of Panem:

  • District 13: A view of President Coin’s balcony where she and Katniss stood to address the rebels and prepare for the fight for justice.
  • Hall of Justice: Picture the fateful moment that Katniss volunteered as tribute. This exhibit, inspired by the Hall of Justice set, offers a chilling look at the foreboding scene where Katniss’ journey
  • President Snow’s Office: The chilling presence of President Snow can be felt on this set inspired by President Snow’s Office in the films. Look for all the wonderful details that appeared in the films that make this a memorable exhibit.
  • The Tribute Train: The main transportation between the districts was featured in the films, and exhibition offers an insider’s look at this iconic set from the film.

For a chance to get close to the real movie magic of The Hunger Games, look for displays of nearly 30 authentic costumes. The breathtaking detail by Judianna Makovsky is easy to see with these beautiful displays. Professional lighting and mannequins help make these bold and brilliant designs come to life. Look for some of the most memorable dresses, clothing, and armor worn throughout The Hunger Games films.

From the awe of Katniss’ wedding dress to the sartorial styles of residents of the Capitol, it’s easy to see how these costumes helped create such a lifelike world in the films. If you’re a designer, cosplayer, or simply want to get close to unbelievable clothing design, this exhibit is perfect for you.


Tickets & Prices

Tickets available for purchase include admission to The Hunger Games: The Exhibition and a Free Gift:

Ages 12+
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Discover how you can join the Rebellion at The Hunger Games: The Exhibition  in Las Vegas. Admission Tickets come with a Free Gift to remember your experience and display in your own The Hunger Games collection. Be sure to arrive before 5 p.m. for entry to the exhibition, where you can take part in the interactive exhibits and self-guided tour any day of the week.

Children under three are free with an adult ticket. Ask about group rates, as this exhibition is perfect for corporate events, student field trips, and other team-building events and groups. Bring your friends and family as you embark on an incredible journey through the world of Panem in Las Vegas.

Walking Directions

If you’re at the MGM Grand Front Desk, you’ll be able to find the attraction quickly:

Click To Expand: If You’re At The MGM Grand Front Desk
  • From the front desk, walk into the casino.
  • Upon passing the Lobby Bar, turn right and walk towards the KA Box Office.
  • Once past Wolfgang Puck, turn right and walk into The District.
  • Continue walking through The District. You should pass Craftsteak, PUB 1842, and Grand Garden Arena.
  • Just past The Wedding Chapel, you’ll see The Hunger Games: The Exhibition on your right.

If you’re walking from the Strip, you’ll still be able to find the box office:

Click To Expand: If You’re Walking From The Strip
  • From the Las Vegas Boulevard entrance, walk through the casino.
  • You’ll pass Hakkasan, TAP, and Jabbawockeez Theater and Avenue Cafe.
  • Once you reach L’atelier, turn right and walk towards The District.
  • Walk past Craftsteak, PUB 1842, and Grand Garden Arena.
  • After passing The Wedding Chapel, you’ll find The Hunger Games: The Exhibition on your immediate right.


The Reviews Are In

Katie K.

Excellent staff! They looked the part and were very kind and attentive! And the costumes are GORGEOUS!!! Only wish it had more. But what they had was awesome to see! And the archery game was so much fun! I did better than I thought having never held a bow before! 84% Sweet!

Katie K.

Rodney R.

Highly recommend going to the Hunger Games Exhibition. To see entire sets of the movie down to the wallpaper is amazing, not to mention the costumes are more beautiful in person. The entire staff need to be commended for making it truly an experience. From every room they had answers to all my questions and were extremely friendly. The archery experience was more fun then what I thought it was going to be. Ill definitely be back again!

Rodney R.
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The largest touchscreen display is 56.24 m (605.42 ft), and was achieved by Victory Hill Exhibitions - The Hunger Games: The Exhibition (USA & Singapore) at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on 6 June 2019.