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The Hunger Games: The Exhibition is a must-see for any fan of the thrilling global phenomenon. This unique exhibit gives visitors an interactive experience that fully immerses them into the world of The Hunger Games films. Explore props up close, see the iconic costumes, and even sharpen your archery skills with our one-of-a-kind archery training experience in Beetee’s Lab. This interactive exhibit is packed full of brand-new features that allow guests to step into Katniss’ world and interact with their surroundings as they explore Panem.

See Costuming Close Up

The costumes from The Hunger Games are a visual treat. The sartorial splendor of the Capitol and the cutting-edge armor worn by Tributes are some of the most iconic aspects of the films. Experience almost 30 original costumes from the films in person at the exhibition. Fashion lovers will soak up the intricate detailing while cosplayers will appreciate seeing the costumes firsthand. Explore the craftsmanship behind Katniss’ dresses in person, and catch a look at movie history with the Mockingjay dress and Katniss’ signature outfit, complete with leather jacket and boots. Prepare to be awestruck by Katniss’ one-of-a-kind wedding dress, adorned with Swarovski crystals and a sweeping organza and chiffon skirt that is even more stunning in person.

Immersive Archery Training Experience

One of the highlights of the series is the Mockingjay’s bow and arrow. Katniss’ archery skills help her stand out during the games and ultimately lead the rebellion. Visit Beetee’s Training Lab to learn archery in our digital training lab. The huge, 60-foot wide training screen offers an archery experience unlike anything else found on the Las Vegas Strip. Up to 16 players can use the screen at once. This is the first exhibit location with this new, interactive archery experience. If you would like to further test your skills as the Mockingjay, the stunt choreography installation gives visitors a taste of what it was like for the actors to train for the films.

Original Props From The Movies

Original props from the films are displayed throughout for visitors to see in person. See pivotal pieces first hand, such as the Mockingjay pin, Katniss’s bows and arrows, and gear from the rebellion. Plutarch’s bag is on display as well, along with so many more items. Fans are given the chance to really appreciate the detail and work put into capturing the world in the films. Guests are encouraged to take photos with your favorite props to share your unique experience with friends and family.

Digitally Interactive Features

Besides the virtual training options, there are also digital interactives, where guests can further engage with the world and learn more about The Hunger Games film series. Research Panem’s history and explore an interactive map of Panem through touchscreen displays. One of the interactives engages you in a virtual trivia game with TV hosts of the Capitol. In the Mockingjay Echo game, listen as mockingjays mimic notes as you sing them. Later, you can be like Katniss and Squad 451 and make your very own propaganda film to commemorate the visit.

Step Into The World

The Hunger Games: The Exhibition offers a truly unique experience to fans. Featuring 11 set recreations, the Exhibition immerses guests into the world of Panem, and offers a closer look at iconic locations from the series.

  • Hall of Justice
  • The Tribute Train
  • District 13
  • And more!


Check out Panem Supply Company for exclusive merchandise to take home and remind you of your experience at the exhibit. Enthusiastic fans can take home one-of-a-kind merchandise developed exclusively for the Exhibition. Rep the Mockingjay with themed clothes and jewelry, or pick up a collectible piece to display at home. Grab them while you can because many of these items can only be found at The Hunger Games: The Exhibition Las Vegas.